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Data Strategy

Build data & analytics strategies that enable your business goals.

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Data Governance & Quality Management

Making governance a part of business operations to ensure ethical management of quality information.

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Advisory services

Leverage market insights to assess the right approach and tools to overcome your specific challenge.

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Business Intelligence & Data engineering

Suppliment your data team(s) with the resources you need.

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Advance Analytics (AI & mL)

Focus on the right use cases to to maximise business value.

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the problem

The right talent is hard to find, and keep. Everyone is fishing in the same pool and many companies don’t have the time or the in house capability to grow their own data and analytics talent.

Buying in support is expensive. Established consultancies can charge premium prices because they can, unless you can find a boutique consultancy. However...

Boutique data companies typically focus on data engineering, analytics and data science services. Experts in non technical domains are hard to find.

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our solution

We invest in growing talent so that you can get the people you need, when you need them. 

Our pricing is competitive. We will work with you to ensure that our costs are at worst case cost neutral to your business.  

We are passionate about data. Especially data strategy, data governance and the ‘now what’ of analytics.

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