data governance & quality management

"If you keep a single room clean it’s easier to keep your whole home clean than to wait until the whole house is a mess to tidy up."
Our CEO Yusra Ahmad speaks to Dan Hughes, Director at Alpha Property Insight about creating a platform to align the real estate industry on data.

case study

Driving data literacy as part of the integration of two business to motivate staff through inclusion and tap into expertise to identify opportunities. 


  • 1.8m in revenue & cost savings
  • 10.2% increase in sales
  •  22% reduction in churn 
  • £3m in additional revenue generated
  • 36% reduction in discounts & vouchers 
  • 132 FTEs trained in data driven decision making

our ethos

Our goal is to make governance easy. We want the governance of data to be a part of the way that our clients do business rather than an additional overhead.


our approach

We leverage the Data Management Association (DAMA) guiding principles as the basis of our data governance design and implementation. Our consultants will devise a structure that fits within your existing or target organisational structure and operating model in the most seamless way possible. Working closely with your teams we will design an appropriate framework, help you nominate the relevant data roles, up skill staff.

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Data Ethics Playbook

A step by step guide to implementing ethical data practices within a real estate context.

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Is consent a hallmark of ethical data use in the real estate context?

Discussion paper written on behalf of the RED Foundation on the implications of consent in the context of real estate data usage.

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Data Ethics Playbook: Everything you need to know

Our CEO Yusra Ahmad talks to Sue Chadwick of Pinsent Masons about data ethics, the RED Foundation Data Ethics Playbook and views into the future.

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If you don’t govern your data then you may be engaging in unethical behaviour.

Data governance has a bad reputation for being conceptual mostly because organisations struggle with operationalising governance to achieve tangible improvements in the quality of their data

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