Advisory services

“Every business at its heart is a data business.”

case study

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  • Increased EBITDA by £13M
  • Reduction in credit spend (63%)
  • Reduction in incoming calls into Customer Carecenters (12%)
  • Lead-time reduced by 5.8 days
  • Rescheduled installs reduced by 36%
  • Failed installs reduced by 24%
  • Customer cancellations reduced by 64%

our ethos

We help clients define how to get to where they are going and support them throughout the process to achieve their goals. 


our approach

Within our data advisory we use our experience of lean six sigma alongside our proprietary methodologies to understand our client’s needs and focus on the activities that will deliver the greatest value to them. 

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You may not need all that tech to make best use of your data.

For organisations that are early on in their automation journey choosing the right technology stack can be more straight forward

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